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St Giles and St George
Interserve: Update from our Mission Partners
Interserve makes Jesus Christ known to the neediest people of Asia and the Arab world by loving the whole person through word and deed.
42% of the world’s population have no access to the Good News about Jesus and 81% of these people live in Asia and the Arab world. Only 3% of Christian missionaries work with this group of people.

Interserve works by partnering with various denominations of the local church and has people of over 20 nationalities working with them. Many serve in countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith.

War, persecution, education, business and dreams of a better life drive 500,000 people to come to the UK each year. Many of these are from the Arab world where Interserve works. While politicians and the media argue about the cost of immigration, ordinary Christians are showing their faith by housing asylum seekers, defending refugees and helping them to integrate by teaching English while sharing the gospel.

We support two couples who are doing this through Interserve:
· Mike and Helen Francis working in Farnborough with Nepali people, often from a Buddhist background
· Jonathan and Helen working in Bristol amongst people from Africa and the Arab world with Muslim backgrounds

On Sunday 22 March Jonathan and Helen will share more about their work in Bristol at some of our
services and in St George’s café at 5pm over refreshments. Everyone is welcome.

Please go to the World Mission page on our website; - community - world mission, for news and prayer requests from our Interserve Partners.                                                    

Liz Marlow

Trevor Hood, 27/01/2020

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