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St Giles and St George



Building healthy marriages...

Cultivating a life giving and healthy marriage can be a challenge.  The demands of work and family life can make it difficult to find time to invest in this most important of relationships.  Past hurts and difficulties are often not dealt with and continue to cause problems.  We find ourselves changing and growing in ways that sometimes make married life tough. 

At St Giles' and St George’s we believe marriage is important.  As the marriage ceremony says “It enriches society and strengthens community” and so we aim to support those who are married in a number of ways.

    The Marriage Course:
We run regular marriage courses using the HTB material.  Courses take place in St George’s Christian Centre and are an ideal way to give your relationship an occasional MOT.  The Marriage Course is open to everyone - you don’t have to be a church member!  
If you would like to discuss anything about the course or to make a booking, please contact: Nicola Easton    T: 01372 270680    E:

    counselling-home    Marriage Counselling:
We also offer confidential counselling to help deal with problems in marriage, including sexual issues.  For more information please contact: Sharon Seal
T: 01372 813200      E:

Or to speak to someone outside of the parish contact:  Richard Cruz Counselling
T: 07813 944146      E:      W:

Confidential Listening:
We also offer a confidential listening service through a number of couples within the parish who are happy to speak with other couples in need of relationship support.  For more information please contact: Sharon Seal
T: 01372 813200      E:



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