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"Moses: - Getting Pharaoh's Attention"Sean Skinner
The Six
Length:17 minutes
References:Exodus 10:21-23
Matthew 4:16
Readings Exodus ch10 v21-23, Matthew ch4 v16 incorporated in a talk by Sean Skinner given during the St Georges SIX service on the 2nd February 2020. There's plenty of darkness in the world - illnesses, poverty, injustice, our own fears or anxiety - which can distract us from our role as Christians and it can be disorientating, making it difficult to focus, to know what direction to take. We need to refer to Jesus to bring light and pray against the darkness.
THE SIX Feb 02 2020 SeanListen Download MP3 Audio 8.1MB (17:45)
"Moses: Adventuring with God - Auspicious Beginnings"Sean Skinner
The Six
Length:21 minutes
Reference:Exodus 1:15-21
Reading Exodus ch1 v15-21 included in a talk by Sean Skinner given during the StGeorges SIX service on th 12th January 2020. We experience pressures (both positive and negative) to conform/perform in a different way from the way God wants us to act. By resisting such pressures we can please God and show others what God is like. Jesus is alive and he died for all the wrong things we have done and He loves us still, so say sorry and face the pressures with courage in a fresh start every day with Jesus.
THE SIX Jan 12 2020 SeanListen Download MP3 Audio 9.7MB (21:17)
"The Holy Innocents"Sean Skinner
The Six
Length:16 minutes
References:Matthew 2:13-18
Jeremiah 31:15-17
Readings Matthew ch2 v13 - 18 and Jeremiah ch31 v15-17 are included in a talk by Sean Skinner given during the St Georges SIX service on the 29th December 2019. God says that as Christians we are to expect suffering (loneliness, mental health, anxiety, temptations) and lets us know the danger signs. Keep our suffering in perspective, don't take it out on other people, and don't downplay the suffering of others. In suffering we should also expect God to provide safety and salvation.
THE SIX Dec 29 2019 SeanListen Download MP3 Audio 7.4MB (16:16)
"Living for God's glory - How does it look?"Sean Skinner
The Six
Length:14 minutes
References:Haggai 2:1-9
Hebrews 12:28-29
2 Chronicles 20:21
Reading Haggai ch2 v1-9 incorporated in a talk re-recorded by Sean Skinner, originally given at the St Georges SIX service on the 24th November 2019. We try to live life how God calls us to, but sometimes our lives feel like nothing and our anxiety keeps us back. Then we need to be strong and work it out - for God is with us and will fill us with His Glory and give us peace. This is the link for the 11 minute video referenced in the talk -
Living for God's GloryListen Download MP3 Audio 6.7MB (14:39)
"Shaping Church Culture - Giving"Sean Skinner
The Six
Length:29 minutes
Reference:2 Corinthians 9:6-11
Reading from 2 Corinthians ch9 v6-11 included in a talk from Sean Skinner given during the St Georges SIX service on the 6th October 2019 Church planning needs financial support. Give not of compulsion but give cheerfully. God has blessed us abundantly, looking after our needs and has given us something to share. Just trust God, and give Him the glory.
THE SIX Oct 06 2019 SeanListen Download MP3 Audio 13.4MB (29:18)
"Shaping Church Culture: Being a welcoming community"Sean Skinner
The Six
Length:22 minutes
References:Matthew 5:43-48
Hebrews 13:1-3
John 13:35
Reading Matthew ch5 v43-48, Hebrews ch 13 v 1-3, John ch 13 v35 incorporated into a talk by Youth Leader Sean Skinner given at the St.Georges SIX service on the 15th September 2019. When we welcome people, our welcoming people should be a continuous journey for them regardless of who they are, encouraging them to be the best that they can be, and as Christians we are being ambassadors of God to them.
6 SERVICE 150919Listen Download MP3 Audio 10.4MB (22:44)
"Our Calling"Sean Skinner
The Six
Length:23 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 4:2-18
Reading 2 Timothy ch4 v 2-18 incorporated into a talk by Sean Skinner, Youth Leader, given during the St.Georges SIX service on the 21st July 2019 To what plan is God calling us? Our calling might be apparent immediately or it might take decades to get into the role God wants for us, and it may not be what others suggest. Our calling is also God's calling and He is right there with us, so be like Jesus and gently help others to live their calling.
St Georges Ashtead 7pm serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 10.7MB (23:21)