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"Our Calling"Sean Skinner
The Six
Length:23 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 4:2-18
Reading 2 Timothy ch4 v 2-18 incorporated into a talk by Sean Skinner, Youth Leader, given during the St.Georges SIX service on the 21st July 2019 To what plan is God calling us? Our calling might be apparent immediately or it might take decades to get into the role God wants for us, and it may not be what others suggest. Our calling is also God's calling and He is right there with us, so be like Jesus and gently help others to live their calling.
St Georges Ashtead 7pm serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 10.7MB (23:21)
Our CallingTim Long
Choral VI
Length:20 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 4
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 13.4MB (20:13)
Elijah - In the depths of despairNico Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length:22 minutes
Reference:1 Kings 19
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 36.6MB (22:37)
Elijah - in the depths of despairAnne Milton-Worssell
9.15am St George's
Length:18 minutes
References:1 Kings 19
Matthew 17:1-8
Anne sees God caring for Elijah as he is turns to despair. Fleeing for his life now whereas previously he had stood up to Jezebel. God cares for him physically, emotionally and spiritually - the whole person. God speaks in the still small voice and encourages him to look to the future. Its true for us in our time as well - life can be difficult for all of us, but we need to know God's love for us. He will speak and encourage in appropriate ways, sometimes by going back to familiar solid ground.
St Georges Ashtead 9.15 serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 8.3MB (18:05)
Sovereign - Man or GodChristine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length:12 minutes
References:1 Kings 18:16-46
John 11:38-44
Christine continues with Elijah's big moment as he defeats the prophets of Baal in the public contest to bring fire to the sacrifices - Elijah clearly wins and calls on God to bring an end to the drought, and it happens. The people of Judah side, not too convincingly, with Elijah and Yahweh. Ahab leaves and the prophets of Baal are killed. Christine encourages us to put aside those things which might be gods for us and find our voices to speak out God's love in this fallen world.
St Georges Ashtead 9.15 serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 5.8MB (12:46)
Sovereign - Man or God Nico Hilding Ohlsson
10am St Giles
Length:22 minutes
Reference:1 Kings 18:16-45
Sermon190714.mp3Listen Download MP3 Audio 10.2MB (22:23)
Sovereign - Man or God Matt Barham
11am St George's
Length:25 minutes
Reference:1 Kings 18:16-46
This morning we consider three "C's" from the wonderful showdown between Elijah and King Ahab.The "Confrontation" shows Elijah to have "Confidence" in God that we can learn from in order that our lives clearly "Contrast" with those following their own idols.
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 42.8MB (25:43)
Hallmarks of a discipleMalcolm Raby
Choral VI
Length:14 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 3
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 9.8MB (14:58)
"Hallmarks of a disciple"Nico Hilding Ohlsson
The Six
Length:26 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 2:1-26
Reading 2 Timothy Ch2 embodied in a talk from Rev Nico Ohlsson given during the St.Georges SIX service on the 7th July 2019. Remember that God is faithful and always keeps his word, He has risen from the dead. He is real and is very active today. We are all different, but we are all called to use our life for God. God also has faith in us to pursue Him and pray and let Him do the works He wants to do through us.
St Georges Ashtead 7pm serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 11.9MB (26:03)
Hallmarks of a discipleChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:14 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 2
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 10.3MB (14:57)
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