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"The SIX Carbon Footprint"Jo Sherring
The Six
Length:27 minutes
References:Psalm 24:1-6
Exodus 23:10-11
Colossians 1:16-17
Numbers 35:33-34
Reading Psalm 24 v1-6, Exodus 23 v 10-11, Colossians 1 v16-17, Numbers 35 v 33-34 followed by a talk by Jo Sherring given during the St.Georges SIX service on the 5th May 2019. Calculation of the carbon footprint of the SIX congregation yields 780 tons of carbon per year. This could be reduced to carbon neutral by 2050 by planting 4700 trees. We must all change our lifestyle to protect poor countries and future generations from the devastation of inaction. The talk is followed by a prophesy.
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"Travels for Charity"Jo Sherring
Mothers' Union
Length:1 hour 11 minutes
Talk includes question time
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Journey to a fairer worldJo Sherring
Ladies' breakfast
Length:45 minutes
Ladies' breakfast
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