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Moses: Adventuring with God - Getting Pharoah's AttentionChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:14 minutes
References:Exodus 10:21-29
Exodus 11:1-10
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 9.9MB (14:31)
Moses - Getting Pharaoh's attentionChristine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length:15 minutes
References:Exodus 10:21-11:10
Luke 2:25-35
Christine gives a summary of the Moses story so far. We now have the 9th plague and confrontation with Pharaoh ahead of the threat of final plague - the killing of Egyptian first-born. The encounter is angry with death threats from Pharaoh. The exodus story is one of emancipation and has been widely used as basis of anti-slavery movements. Hardening of heart is not Pharaoh's prerogative alone - we all do it, and it is only with the aid of God's Spirit can we move forward from our own faults/failures .
St George Ashtead 9.15 Service Listen Download MP3 Audio 6.9MB (15:00)
Moses: Fear and FlightChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:18 minutes
Reference:Exodus 2:11-25
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 12.8MB (18:34)
Shaping Church Culture: A Loving CommunityChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:12 minutes
References:John 13:34-35
Romans 15:1-13
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 8.6MB (12:23)
Shaping Church Culture - EncouragingChristine Bailey
11am St George's
Length:16 minutes
References:1 Thessalonians 5:4-11
John 21:15-19
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 16.3MB (16:07)
Shaping Church Culture - CommitmentChristine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length:15 minutes
References:Acts 2:42-47
Luke 14:25-34
Christine notes Luke's Gospel comment about a large crowd following Jesus to suggest Jesus' words about commitment were aimed at challenging the crowd to think about their lives, rather than follow just out of interest. Our relationship to God and our fellow Christians may not be perfect and truly communal (as is the ideal described in Acts), but it something we need to commit to as a response to God's love for us. The challenges of time, talents and resources are for individuals to respond to in love.
St George's Ashtead 9.15 ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 6.9MB (15:10)
Vision and StrategyChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:14 minutes
References:Luke 10:1-23
Jeremiah 29:11-14
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 10.0MB (14:34)
I AM - the Good Shepherd Christine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length:14 minutes
References:Jeremiah 50:4-6
John 10:11-16
Christine looks at the context of the I am the Good Shepherd saying of Jesus in the wider context of the use of sheep and shepherd imagery in the OT and NT. Here it precedes His criticism of the Jewish Religious leadership in leading the people of Israel astray - a not uncommon criticism to be found in the OT. He is the shepherd who values and leads his people and they know his voice. Christine considers how we are to know Christ's voice amongst the current multitude of noise.
St Georges Ashtead 9.15 serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 6.6MB (14:30)
Sovereign - Man or GodChristine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length:12 minutes
References:1 Kings 18:16-46
John 11:38-44
Christine continues with Elijah's big moment as he defeats the prophets of Baal in the public contest to bring fire to the sacrifices - Elijah clearly wins and calls on God to bring an end to the drought, and it happens. The people of Judah side, not too convincingly, with Elijah and Yahweh. Ahab leaves and the prophets of Baal are killed. Christine encourages us to put aside those things which might be gods for us and find our voices to speak out God's love in this fallen world.
St Georges Ashtead 9.15 serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 5.8MB (12:46)
Hallmarks of a discipleChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:14 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 2
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 10.3MB (14:57)
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