School Assemblies

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One of the things we love doing as a team is visiting our local schools to lead regular assemblies.

We visit each of our local primary schools at least twice a term with many schools visiting us at St. Georges Christian Centre for occasional services.

assembly 1We feel very privileged to be able to visit the schools in and around Ashtead so frequently and enjoy very good relationships with the staff and children.

Over the past year we have
led assemblies on making choices, doing your best, golden rules, parables of Jesus, why read the bible, friends, creation and the environment, listening, giving thanks and many other subjects.

When we lead assemblies it is always our intention to mix age
appropriate “education” with the unique perspective of faith in Jesus that we bring, alongside the other faiths that may be represented within each school.

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Please join us in praying for our local schools and our ongoing relationships with the staff and children.

If you would like to find out anymore information about the Youth and Children’s Team and our involvement in local schools please contact us using the form below.





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