Schools Work

As regular visitors to our local schools, here are some of the things you may find the team doing!

School Assemblies

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One of the things we love doing as a team is visiting our local schools to lead regular assemblies.

We visit each of our local primary schools at least twice a term with many schools visiting us at St. Georges Christian Centre for occasional services.

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Sparks Club

Each term we run an after-school or lunch-time club in our local infant schools called ‘Sparks’. The club is open to year 2 children and covers themes such as God’s love for them, loving each other, their gifts and abilities all in the context of a fun filled session packed with games, stories, craft and team activities.
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Bible Explorer

Members of the team here are trained ‘Bible Explorer’ presenters which means we teach the whole of the Old Testament to year 5 or 6 children over 5 hour-long RE lessons. 
Bible Explorer uses 77 signs and words to enable the children to remember the whole Old Testament history and we combine this with interactive drama, comedy and story telling to deliver memorable and fun lessons.

Schools Week Logo St GilesSchools Week

Schools Week is an opportunity for children in years 3 and 4 to visit a local church and learn about so much more than just the building itself! Every child that visits will take part in 6 interactive workshops and take away memorable experiences relevant to “The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey Schools 2012 - 2017”.

The Workshops

Workshops at both St. Giles' and St. George's churches spread over 2 years include Hand bells, Marriage, Communion, Baptism, Traditional Worship, Stained glass windows, The Bible, Prayer, Easter, Church & Contemporary Worship and provide the educational structure of the time the children spend at Schools Week, alongside a short assembly time before they depart.

For more information please contact our Associate Rector, Simon Butler via email