Prayers for March

Please pray for.....


The recruitment process for new leaders of Youth, Children & Families and Contemporary Worship, for all those who are currently overseeing these ministries and for the children and young people in our parish.
Our service review as it draws to an end, for guidance and unity as we seek God’s way forward for us.
Our growing in maturity during Lent, that it might be a time of reflection and going deeper with God.


The preparations to welcome a refugee family to Ashtead through the government’s Community Sponsorship Scheme.

A prayer from The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, for this special time as a nation:
God of eternal love and power,
Save our Parliamentary Democracy;
Protect our High Court of Parliament and all its members
From partiality and prejudice;
That they may walk the path of kindness, justice and mercy.
Give them wisdom, insight and a concern for the common good.
The weight of their calling is too much to bear in their own strength,
Therefore we pray earnestly, Father,
send them help from your Holy Place,
and be their tower of strength.
Lord, graciously hear us.


All those who live in areas affected by recent natural disasters and those bringing aid and rebuilding, often away from the news.
The situation in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Venezuela, North Korea and other troubled parts of the world.
All who are working on Brexit negotiations and preparations as the date for leaving the EU draws closer.