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Prayer Labyrinth
The new Prayer Labyrinth has now been completed at St Giles', it lies in the north-east side of the church. 
Please do go an walk the labyrinth, as you enter, let go of all that is heavy on your heart and at the centre pray for God’s love and peace to fill you. Then on the way out, ask God to make you aware of his spirit dwelling within you… you hope and joy as you re-enter our troubled world. 
Prayer Garden
The Prayer Garden is also open, via the outside gate. Please do go and sit and pray, be aware of God’s presence and listen to his still voice amidst all that we are coping with both personally and as a community.
Please be strict on observing social distancing, so walk the labyrinth alone before another person enters. Sit more than 2 metres apart in the prayer garden. Thanks.

Sally Powell, 08/01/2018