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CMS Nov Mission Prayer 17 pdf (249.4KB)
CWS Mission Prayer Oct 17 pdf (219.4KB)
Wheels for the World Mission Prayer Sep 17 pdf (607.6KB)
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Please find the Annual Report here.
Please pray for:
  • Jenny our Centre Manager to be fully recovered and back at work soon
  • Many clients with unstable housing and no recourse to public funds. Pray their paperwork will be dealt with swiftly and fairly and they can move forwards with their lives
  • For the children to develop normally and reach their developmental milestones and know happiness
  • For the parents to have peace and receive healing where needed
  • For the counsellors to have great wisdom and empathy
  • For the We Are Family staff to have ongoing compassion with 100% grace and 100% truth
  • For the Social Enterprise projects to be successful and to be great seedbeds for future employment
  • For wisdom with our priorities
Rebecca Croft []