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St Giles and St George

ALDAG - Ashtead Learning Difficulties Action Group

Taking its inspiration from the young people themselves, ALDAG aims to support and encourage young people with learning difficulties to achieve fulfilling lives within their local community. Two key activities are the Conquerors Club and the Development Programme.

Conquerors Club offers young people with learning difficulties the opportunity to socialise and expand their range of friendships.
“Above all, Conquerors strives to be a happy experience for its members. The programme of events is continually evolving” says ALDAG Chairman Derek Wiseman.
The Development Programme includes established and ongoing projects such as Conquerors Club, the Summer Scheme and the “partnered” project with Cherchefelle to provide a shared independent home for a small group of young people. Further expansion of the independent housing project and developments such as ‘Filling the Gap’, and the creation of ‘person centred plans’ through links with Advocacy Partners consultation service are part of ALDAG’s ambitious future plans.

A relatively recent initiative from the Development Programme was Cafe ALDAG which was officially opened on 6th October 2008.  Every Monday and Tuesday in term time Cafe ALDAG, staffed by young people with learning difficulties, serve light lunches, snacks, teas and coffees to the public in the already well-established cafe run emma goran joseph and josephby St.George's personnel during the second half of the week.  Manager Sue McKenzie has been running this project working with the young people and a band of adult volunteers and has successfully moulded them into an efficient anf courteous team.
Sue retired from her post at the end of 2010 and has been succeeded by Gill Walker who aims to carry on the wonderful work that Sue has done and perhaps introduce some ideas of her own.  Sue and Gill have worked together for the first two weeks in January 2011 to ensure the continuity for the young people and volunteers.  We wish Gill good luck in her new position.
This employment for the young people brings a wider network of contacts, develops a person's outlook, builds self esteem and gives a feeling of inclusion in society and the local community by being contributors.

Article printed from at 10:16 on 23 March 2017