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Living Faith Out - Freedom Under AuthorityRichard Jones
9.15am St George's
Length: 14 minutes
References:Matthew 22:15-22
1 Peter 2:11-25
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HarvestRichard Jones
9.15am St George's
Length: 15 minutes
References:Leviticus 23:15-22
John 4:4-12
Richard encourages us to see the relevance of Harvest Festival in the 21st century where so much of what we have in our shops is there all the year round. Also the need for generosity for those less fortunate than ourselves.
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Our Living Hope / Called to be HolyRichard Jones
11am St George's
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:1 Peter 1:13-2:3
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Living Faith Out - Our Living HopeRichard Jones
10am St Giles
Length: 16 minutes
Reference:1 Peter 1:1-12
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"A Psalm of Enthronement : Psalm 96"Richard Jones
6.30pm St George's
Length: 23 minutes
Reference:Psalm 96
Reading Psalm 96 (NIVA) followed by a talk from the Rector, Richard Jones, given during the St.Georges 6:30pm service on 27th August 2017. Corporate worship singing glorifies God, brings us closer together and into His presence as it reminds us of His character, love and faithfulness. We should write our own song of praise to God, giving thanks for His provisioning, His current presence and for being part of His purposes.
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A Psalm of Enthronement : Psalm 96Richard Jones
11am St George's
Length: 17 minutes
Reference:Psalm 96
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Psalms: The songs that Jesus knew - A Psalm of EnthronementRichard Jones
9.15am St George's
Length: 16 minutes
References:Psalm 96
Matthew 3:13-17
Richard concludes our series on the Psalms by giving the background to Psalm 96 and its celebratory poetry. Its all about rejoicing in a good and just God. Richard encourages us to see God in these terms and join in the praise.
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"A Psalm of Praise - Psalm 111"Richard Jones
6.30pm St George's
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Psalm 111:1-10
"Reading Psalm 111 v 1-10 (NIV) followed by a talk from Rev Richard Jones given during the St Georges 6:30pm service on 23rd July 2017. By regularly reading the scriptures we can remember God's hand in history to give us confidence in His character to shape our lives today. We can then live fully in a way that honours God as revealed by Jesus, praising Him through the rhythm of each day. We can write a personal psalm of awe, wonder, joy and peace based on our past experience of the presence of God in our
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Psalms:the songs Jesus knew - A Psalm of Praise 111Richard Jones
10am St Giles
Length: 21 minutes
Reference:Psalm 111
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When God seems unfair- Why does God tolerate evil?Richard Jones
9.15am St George's
Length: 18 minutes
References:Habakkuk 1:12-2:20
Luke 4:1-13
Richard continues with Habakkuk's dialogue with God. There is evil in the world and God appears to tolerate it; today, just as in Habakkuk's time. God responds to Habakkuk not with an explanation but an assurance of his loving presence with us at all times. There will be reckoning but in God's time not ours. We are to live by faith, with the sight of God's glorious presence around us, and with the sure knowledge of God's abiding presence - for us the knowledge of Jesus and the presence of the Spirit.
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