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"Living in the Fullness of the Trinity"Richard Jones
6.30pm St George's
Length: 32 minutes
References:John 3:1-17
Luke 3:21-22
Matthew 28:19-20
Reading John ch 3 v1-17 (NIV) incorporated into a talk by Rev Richard Jones given during the St Georges 6:30pm service on the 11th June 2107. Our greatest need is to be loved by another and to share that love with others. Father, Son and Spirit have always existed in perfect relationship and through our belief in Jesus we are accepted as part of that Trinity family too. It is a relationship of loving presence, peace, purpose, meaning and joy.
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Trinity Sunday: Living in the fullness of the TrinityRichard Jones
11am St George's
Length: 22 minutes
Reference:John 3:1-17
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Resurrection Living - GenerosityRichard Jones
9.15am St George's
Length: 19 minutes
References:Psalm 65
Mark 12:41-44
Richard considers our generous God in providing good things for us and draws an analogy with the flow of water to supply the rice fields that was restored when he was helping a missionary in India. The Gospel story of the widow's mite encourages us to be generous in our response to God, so that others may blessed by the waters of God's love.
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Resurrection Living (2): Caring for the EnvironmentRichard Jones
11am St George's
Length: 25 minutes
References:Genesis 1:26-31
Genesis 2:15-18
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Resurrection Living - Caring for the EnvironmentRichard Jones
9.15am St George's
Length: 14 minutes
References:Genesis 1:26-31
Genesis 2:15-17
John 3:16-21
Richard looks at God's creation and traces the theology of God's care for this creation from the Old to the New Testament. Humankind is given a task of care and is to have a joyous relationship with the created world around us. Jesus has redeemed us and the creation from the past and we are therefore to act in ways that honour and protect God's wonderful and beautiful world.
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APCM 2017 Rector's AddressRichard Jones
Length: 32 minutes
Address given by Richard Jones at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2017
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"Journey to Freedom - Resurrection and Victory"Richard Jones
6.30pm St George's
Length: 20 minutes
Reference:Luke 24:1-12
Reading Luke ch24 v1-12 (NIV) followed by a talk from Rev Richard Jones given during the St Georges 6:30pm service on 16th April 2018. When faced with doubt, fear, anxiety or confusion, remember Jesus' resurrection. This will deepen our faith by growing in understanding and love to honour Him, trust Him and live a resurrection life in our hearts for perfect freedom from the sin - past, present and future - which separated us from God.
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Palm SundayRichard Jones
10am St Giles
Length: 20 minutes
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Journey to Freedom (5): Weeping over JerusalemRichard Jones
11am St George's
Length: 24 minutes
Reference:Luke 13:31-35
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Journey to Freedom - Weeping over JerusalemRichard Jones
9.15am St George's
Length: 13 minutes
References:Psalm 118:5-14
Luke 13:31-35
Richard gives the background to the analogies of foxes and mother hen that Jesus uses in the Gospel passage. Jesus knows He is heading towards Jerusalem and His death, and makes it plain that He aware of the threats to his life from Herod Antipas. Richard encourages us to find our home and trust in Jesus who like the mother hen will offer the protective wing against the woes and difficulties of the world - it is the Kingdom of God that matters, not the kingdoms of mankind.
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