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When God seems unfair: Why won't God do something?Nico Hilding Ohlsson
10am St Giles
Length: 19 minutes
Reference:Habakkuk 1:1-11
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"When God seems unfair - How do I make sense of it all?"Nico Hilding Ohlsson
6.30pm St George's
Length: 31 minutes
Reference:Habakkuk 3:1-19
Reading Habakkuk ch 3 v 1-19 (NIV) followed by a talk from Rev Nico Ohlsson given during the St Georges 6:30pm service on 16th July 2017. "Lord, we have heard of your deeds, we know that you do amazing things. We have seen with our own eyes what you can do. Please do them again." Let us pray together and share the Gospel to stimulate revival.
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Pilgrim People (2): Finding GodNico Hilding Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length: 8 minutes
References:1 Kings 19:11-18
Mark 9:2-13
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Journey to Freedom - Jesus feeds the multitudesNico Hilding Ohlsson
9.15am St George's
Length: 15 minutes
References:2 Kings 4:42-44
Luke 9:10-17
Nico talks of a God who provides - he gives examples from the Old Testament and then moves on to the parable of the feeding of the 5 thousand. He suggests that Jesus is telling his disciples to trust God in doing difficult things - last week healing the sick and this week providing impossible amounts of food. For us we have to learn of a God who provides - in the world and to individuals - and we have to learn as well that we are those who need the humility to receive as well as the ability to give.
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Journey to Freedom (1) Jesus releases his disciples in ministryNico Hilding Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length: 22 minutes
Reference:Luke 9:1-9
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Finding Joy in the Journey (6): The surpassing value of knowing ChristNico Hilding Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length: 21 minutes
Reference:Philippians 3:1-11
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Hallmarks of Discipleship (2) - HospitalityNico Hilding Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length: 34 minutes
References:1 Timothy 6:17-19
Luke 19:1-10
The readings followed by Nico's talk start at 9:55 minutes into the recording
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Running the Race (6) - Finishing WellNico Hilding Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length: 36 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 4:6-8
Nico's talk starts 12 minutes into the recording
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Fruit of the Spirit (8): GentlenessNico Hilding Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length: 45 minutes
Reference:Matthew 21:1-22
Nico's talk starts 12 minutes into the recording.
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