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10am Childrens Reg form 2015-16
11am Childrens Reg form 2015-16
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Sunday groups meet during the 10am (St Giles’) and 11am (St George’s) services on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sunday of each month during school term time. Each age range has its own group which is led by teams of volunteer leaders supported by the Director of Children’s Ministry, Martin Dyer

Group / Service

10am St. Giles'

11am St. George's

Sparklers Creche

Under 3's Under 3's


Age 3 - Reception Age 3+ Pre-School


Sch Yr 1 - Yr 3 Reception - Yr 1 (born 1st Mar onwards)


  Yr 1 (born before 1st Mar) - Yr 2


Sch Yr 4 - Yr 6 Sch Yr 3 - Yr 4


  Sch Yr 5 - Yr 6
 Key Contact 

Bethan FogellBethan Fogell

Children's and Families Leader

01372 813 965

For safeguarding enquiries
contact Alison Anderson

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